1. Boost Curb Appeal
One of the biggest things you can do when preparing to list your home is to lure in onlookers by sprucing up the outside of your property. Many people will do a drive-by before actually going into a home, and will decide on the spot whether it’s worth going inside. Steps you can take would include power washing walkways and siding, washing windows inside and out, planting colourful flowers and scrubs and making sure the lawn is always freshly cut.

2. Make Your House Sparkle
Every surface should sparkle when there’s a showing or open house. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help your home look its best. You can do this yourself, or hire a professional cleaning company especially for the tougher stuff. Shining floors, gleaming windows, clean counters and scrubbed grout are key so don’t skimp!

3. Clear Away Clutter
Staging your home before listing is very important. Clearing out clutter from closets and cupboards and making sure surfaces are clean and clear of any unnecessary items will show more space available to potential buyers. Painting the walls neutral colours and furnishing will show off just how functional the home is.

4. Create a Balance
Balancing between clean and lived-in is the atmosphere you’ll want to create when staging your home. You want to make your home appealing to potential buyers so think vases of full bloom flowers and inviting pillows and throws.

5. Stylize the Dining Room Table
Leaving your dining room table bare looks uninviting, so styling this often missed area in the home can help increase the appeal. Using large arrangements can cause the room to look too formal, so using smaller vessels down the center of the table is highly recommended.

6. Flooring
Giving the floors a thorough cleaning is essential, especially having carpets steam cleaned. You should consider having wood floors refinished if they’re in bad shape, but if you don’t want to invest in that, area rugs can make a big difference.

7. Rearrange Furniture
Symmetrical arrangements usually work well, so keep this in mind when planning how your furniture should look. Pulling furniture away from walls and using pairs (sofas, chairs, lamps) will help create a more inviting conversation area.

8. Choose Neutral Colours
Going neutral doesn’t mean you need to paint the whole house white. Rich and warm earth toned neutrals such as mocha and taupe create a sophisticated backdrop, especially if you have wood floors. This pulls everything together in the home.

9. Gender Neutral Master Bedroom
A beautiful, tailored, clean master bedroom will appeal to everyone. This space should be free from any personal items and clutter so you can’t go wrong with fresh linens, tasteful artwork and a nice throw folded at the foot of the bed.

10. Clean Out Your Closets
Anyone that goes for a showing or attends an open house will look in your closets. Closet space can make or break an offer so make sure to show off their full potential. This is really important so you need to make sure you declutter the spaces in advance and store the unnecessary belongings elsewhere. The more open space, the better.

11. Clean Up Toys
It is inevitable that you will have families with children looking at your home. This doesn’t mean they want to see toys everywhere. When people are looking to buy a house, they are also envisioning a fresh start. You need to show them that it’s possible in this home. Show them it’s possible to have a beautifully organized kids’ room.

12. Use Spare Rooms Wisely
Each and every room should have a purpose so you need to think about what potential buyers might like to see. Setting up an office or guest room will definitely pay off in the end.

13. Show Off Awkward Areas
Finding unique ways to show off space beneath stairs, a nook or alcove in your home will intrigue potential buyers. Setting up a small work station or installing built-in shelving will show off these awkward spaces and turn it into a great selling point.

14. Beware of Pet Odours
If you have any type of pet in your home, get all of your carpets and rugs steam cleaned. You also need to be attentive to vacuuming and washing floors and surfaces throughout the house. Make sure that any toys, dog bones, beds, scratch posts, food/water bowls and food are hidden when you have showings.

15. Don’t Forget to Stage Outside
It doesn’t matter what size your lot is, outside your home should be just as inviting as the inside. Patio sets with comfortable cushions, flower beds/pots, fresh mulch and trimmed trees and shrubs go along way. You’ll also want to take a look to make sure there’s no leaking faucets, and any surfaces have been power washed.